Workouts with Slim 3: create a simple website

oliver russell Since Jun 12, 2017 2 Posts

Nice to see you used Twig to create views. Twig is great with Slim for creating Templates. The process is really easy. You should have also mentioned how to render views, like mentioned here:

This would have completed this tutorial.

michael kalango Since May 28, 2018 1 Posts

Hi there, have seen most of your tutorials and they brought light to the things i find difficult to do as a ground beginner. I want to create a voting site with a user and admin section, using slim framework, twig, twbs, monolog, eloquent or PDO, phpmailer, crsf, and the rest librabries required but have no clue on how to wrap them up all together. will really be greatful if you can help with a tutorial or a direct email to guide me through. Have thought of the logic on how it will flow but no clue on how to implement. registration, login, sign in while signing up, verify email, given token password at registration, forgot password, change token password, get votes, post votes, logout, security, etc.. would love to know how to go about it all using the slim 3 framework.. Thanks in advance! My mail is

zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

Hi michael, I hope you have gotten your project ready. I just saw this comment. Please for urgent needs like this try to DM me instead.

Thanks and good luck.