Laravel for Tortoises - part 1: What is a php framework?

Ankur Lakhani Since Feb 16, 2015 8 Posts

Hello there, i am excited to learn the framework or rather master it.i was trying to learn codeigniter.But i'll now learn laravel first. Looking forward to the next part...!

zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

oh cool to have you along @Ankur Lakhani.
You've made a great choice. Next part coming shortly.

Jessica Barnes Since Oct 25, 2017 1 Posts

I know I'm late to do the comment of this post, But when I surfed I got this, A very well-refined post with an excellent guide on "Laravel For Tortoises - Part 1: What Is A Php Framework?" I'm very enthusiastic to gain knowledge about the new trending technologies and framework. I love the Laravel most! and I think it's a great choice...mostly I read the latest updates of Laravel from the Laracast,, and so on...