Create your first Desktop Application with PHP and PHP Desktop

Nikita Gagrani Since Aug 14, 2015 1 Posts


      I have completed all the steps but after intalling that .exe file i am getting an error as

    PHP Desktop Chrome has stopped working
    Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.

Just help me out to solve it.

matt blank Since Aug 16, 2015 1 Posts

how do you get rid of the elephant in the head section?

zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

Set icon for main window. The allowed extension for the icon is "ico". Only relative path is allowed. If you would like to change the icon that is embedded in the executable file then do the following steps:

1- Download Resource Hacker and run it.

2- From the "File" menu select open, navigate and choose "phpdesktop-msie.exe" (or "phpdesktop-chrome.exe").

3- On the left side there should be a tree control, expand "/Icon Group/128/1033", right click on the "1033", select "Replace Resource..." and replace that resource with your icon.

4- That's it, save it and see the changes by running the executable file. When you change icon embedded in the executable file you do not need to set it anymore in the settings file.


shahjad ahmad Since Aug 28, 2015 2 Posts

Good Evening sir,

I am shahzad ahmed from india. I face some problem when i develop the php desktop application i follow same procedure according to your tutorial but still it is not working the problem is after develop the app when i launch the Php desktop launcher it is not showing my develop app and when i saw my develop app folder it is not showing the php folder and my application folder and a lot of file showing into the project.

Sir please help me regarding this soon as possiable.


zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

@shahjad I think you made a mistake while compiling with Inno Setup, try to review the step.

sachin Bhardwaj Since Aug 28, 2015 2 Posts

Hi zooboole, I just want to know how to create tables in the db that we are using in your hrm desktop app? Also a quick note will be very helpful about how to use and maintain my db like is there something like sqlyog that we use for mysql for this.

Thanks in advance Sachin Bhardwaj

sachin Bhardwaj Since Aug 28, 2015 2 Posts

hi zooboole, can you tell me more about the database that we use in this like is there anything like sqlyog for it. Or how to make tables in sqlLite(i have never worked with it before).

Thanks in advance

zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

Hi @Sachin, I usually use Adminer to view and manipulate my SQLite databases like with PhpMyAdmin.

shahjad ahmad Since Aug 28, 2015 2 Posts

I am developing the Desktop Application and I Want to Update The Server Data When I Connected to the Internet. I Want Update Data Without Web Services.

Please Tell Me any Software is Available For this Or Any Other Technique for this.

Thanks Shahjad Ahmed

zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

I am not sure I've got your question right, but that seems not to be a problem. You application just has to check if there is any internet connection available by making some CURL requests. And before then, at your server side you should've prepared an API to respond to your client's queries.

Hope that helps.

Sameer FA Since Sep 01, 2015 1 Posts

hello @zooboole

i've followed your tutorial line by line. and after when i install the .exe file i've created. i cannot launch the application, even from the folder in program files or the desktop shortcut icon i cannot. any suggestions?

zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

Can give me any specific error you are facing

jude okoye Since Sep 02, 2015 1 Posts

hi, thanks for the tutorial but i seem to have a problem with making my app work after setup compilation. I followed the steps just as you wrote except in the www folder i deleted all the php files and added my designed Html,css,images, jquery,swfobject files (my designed webpages) in. when i clicked on the exe, it worked fine but when i use innosetup to compile following the procedure step by step, i get an error: my app won't bring the libcef.dll error. pls what do i do. thank you.

zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

this problem look recursive. Normally if your application works fine before compilation with Inno Setup, and doesn't after compilation, it means there was an error while compiling.