Create your first Desktop Application with PHP and PHP Desktop

zooboole Since Jan 22, 2015 119 Posts

Can you share some screenshots?

velmurugan S Since Apr 04, 2016 10 Posts

Hello zooboole

After converting exe file,output is not showing...

All file is compiling successfully..when i click the icon,its not showing anything...


deepak bawa Since Apr 21, 2016 1 Posts

is there any similar approach for linux like family?

Aleksandar Oluic Since Apr 26, 2016 1 Posts

This is tutorial! This is the right example how tutorials needs to be written. Thank you and best regards!

Since Apr 13, 2016 1 Posts

Hello, Thanks for this write-up, i was well nourished tru it. please i will like you to explain how to use it with database app that already have a mySQL database. Thanks

Bhavin Surti Since Apr 28, 2016 1 Posts


First of all nice tutorial.I have create a hello world test app and compile it to make it exe as you described in tutorial but installing and clicking on my app not show anything.Might be phpdesktop-chrome.exe is not working.

It shows that exe made perfectly while compiling from Inno Setup.

Any help ? what I am doing wrong.

Thanks, Bhavin

Software Bala Since Apr 29, 2016 1 Posts

Good Idea to Create PHP Desktop Application. Thank you thank you

Abdul Wahab Since May 07, 2016 1 Posts


You are doing a really nice job, great tutorial for beginners like me. Can you please make those two downloads of source zip and executable files available again please? Those links are giving 404 error now.


phydona nduvi Since May 07, 2016 1 Posts

i keep on getting the php desktop chrome has stopped running feedback whenever i try running an app,can someone please help me

sandeep sharma Since May 07, 2016 1 Posts

Hello there,

Everything is installed correctly without any error but it does not give any response when i click on shortcut created...I also tried Run as administrator but it does't work...what should i do...


ceppy basri Since May 11, 2016 1 Posts

very interesting for my job, thank you. i will try it now

Since Aug 02, 2016 1 Posts

How to connect my database into php desktop? Please answer, I need this. Thank you before.

Since Jun 21, 2016 1 Posts

Hi, I followed your tutorials and didnt face any problem till creating an .exe file. Once generate on clicking the desktop shortcut link its not opening the application, nor showing any errors. What might be the problem.


Noman Ibrahim Since May 26, 2016 1 Posts

Dear zooboole,

Your post is like inspiration for me. I have successfully duplicated every thing you have done but the issue is arose of "Problem Event Name: APPCRASH - Google Search" when I execute application once it's built & installed. Please help me proceeding further on this.

Regards, Noman Ibrahim

Daniel Atakpa Since Jun 17, 2015 5 Posts

====Before using Inno Setup=========
I downloaded the php desktop zip folder, extracted it

and got the following directories:

1.locales: contains .pak files

2.php: contains .dll, php_cgi file along with the

following directories: a. dev b. ext c. extras d. lib

3.webcache: contains some data files and GPUCache

directory which also contains some data files

4.www: contains the index.php file for test running

=====After using Inno Setup ======

The root directory of the installed program has

dev: Originally in php directory ext: Originally in php directory extras: Originally in php directory GPUCache: Originally in webcache lib: Originally in php directory

Others files include: .pak files .dll files index.php file

Result: This causes the compiled .exe not to run after


What I did: I had to create the directories appropriately and move

the corresponding files into them before the application

could run.

My Question: What do I need to do to allow the application install

properly without scrambling the directories and the