Do you want to be part of phpocean, You dream of being an author of tutorials, courses and/or news articles? phpocean is all open for you.
Are you passionate? Do you like sharing your experience and discoveries, let's work hand in hand. Our platform is all yours, you can write your own tutorials on phpocean. The authorship remains yours.

Follow the process bellow to produce your content according to our principles.

1. Write your content using a MarkDown editor or any wysiwyg editor

2. Zip the content with the source code ( if available )

3. Send it to

What should your content be?

Basically your content should be about IT. We publish tips, experiences, dicoveries concerning web development, web designing, graphic designing, database systems, etc. We intend to help anyone of any level to improve his/her current state.

We need content that shows the "how to" to our users. Content that shows paths to good contents and refences, or content that guides in good and best practices in any learning process. You should follow the following guide line to write:

  • Write in English, American English is a good choice
  • Make your content concise and brief
  • Make your content self-explanatory
  • Show all illustrations and source codes needed
  • Reference all externation sources all quoted contents
  • Do your own research, and never copy and paste others content without their explicite permission
  • Your content should not be another post from another web site
  • If your content is too long, cut it into many parts