Phpocean is a free educatonal website developed and maintained by Ahmed Salifou Amidou aka zooboole. Through this website I aim at helping and guiding people of all groups to start somewhere or improve their skills in information technologies, web designing, web development, User Interface designing, and any other skill I might acquire in the process.


I first developed phpocean as Itutorage.com with the intention of helping my class-mates who were disturbing me with questions all the time. I wanted to create a website on which I will answer their questions only once. Whenever anyone else has the same question he could go on the website and have the answer.

In time(after a year of running) I've noticed the issue was not only with my class-mates. There are millions people out there who are still looking for where to start learning.

Beside, I believe there are always new learners in every generation. phpocean.com has set a goal of helping and assisting them all the time.

I have decided to share back the little I gained by giving away my daily findings and experiences. I hope with phpocean to establish a concised and valuable knowledge base for both beginners and elites in IT.


In order to achieve that I've started writing little tutorials and courses and the little aspects of IT I know. I've then set some goals to achieve with the project:

  • Be a reference of good information and resources,
  • Learn coding with passion while having fun
  • Help learners to improve their skills with free tutorials,
  • Allow everyone to learn and teach back


phpocean.com is all yours. It's meant to listen to you, help you, and grow with you. Feel free to join us in this journey, and if possible show us your support by all possible means.

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